About Linked Strategies

Nathan Kievman is a world renowned LinkedIn Expert, accomplishing what most have not in generating his clients more than $100 million in new revenues through the use of LinkedIn. Bringing a no nonsense business approach to digital and social strategies. His company, Linked Strategies is a consulting, training and technology organization that specializes in measurable LinkedIn Client Acquisition Campaigns, helping companies from around the world find the fastest path to their target market today.

Linked Strategies has helped its clients generate thousands of inbound appointments with entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives from startups to large companies such as Sony, Adobe, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Ogilvy, SAP, Cicso, HP, LinkedIn, Verizon, Facebook, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and thousands of others.

His latest endeavor, Linked Strategies CNS, is the next evolution of B2B prospecting technologies and positioned to transform how companies and sales teams work in the future.

Dr. Nagrath, Ph.D has over 20 years of experience in technolgoy and is a highly sought after Software Developer with extensive experience in developing cloud, mobile applications and embedded systems. He has worked on a wide variety of projects including set top boxes, atomic clocks, web management systems and backend cable systems for companies such as Oracle, Lucent Technologies, Dish Network, RGB Networks, Palm, and Timing Solutions to name a few.

As the CTO for Linked Strategies CNS, Dr. Nagrath is developing the next evolution of the B2B prospecting and client acquisition marketplace.